Stylish tattoo in hand

Getting inked is a decision that lasts a lifetime. As everyone’s body is a canvas, there’s always an opportunity to place your favorite piece of art on your skin as a reminder of your journey. From something subtle and delicate to vibrant and symbolic designs, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a bold and extraordinary spot to get your next work, here are the coolest hand tattoo designs to inspire you.

As one of the most complex flowers, a rose tattoo is the best idea for a hand inking. Featuring meanings of new beginnings, promise, and hope, this intricate design is the perfect addition to your body. Have the thorns envelop your fingers and keep the petals in the center, or have the entire plant wrap around your wrist and up the arm. Choose from clean lines to a traditional color combination of red and green – certain colors have specific meanings, and all have different significance to their wearers. There are so many options for this piece; you’ll want to have them all.



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