Best all around android flagship ever Phones that can tackle

A smartphone is a cell phone that allows you to do more than make phone calls and send text messages.Smartphones can browse the Internet and run software programs like a computer. Smartphones use a touch screen to allow users to interact with them. There are thousands of smartphone apps including games, personal-use, and business-use programs that all run on the phone.The picture is an example of the Apple iPhone,one of the most popular smartphones available today.Best All Around Android Flagship.Whether you’re looking for a big or small phone, entry level or top of the line, Android offers options for everyone. And unlike Apple’s rigid release cycle, Google’s hardware partners unleash a seemingly endless stream of new devices year round.But therein lies the problem: With so many options out there, how do you settle on the right one?Lucky for you, we test and review nearly every smartphone available on all the major US carriers.Keep in mind that while the reviews above may not show your carrier of choice, most of the phones here are available unlocked and can be used with multiple US carriers. Read on for what to look for when buying, as well as our top picks for Android phones.

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