Life Project Is An Optical Device That Passes

We exclusively sell only projectors and accessories in Bangladesh. Large collection of projectors, accessories, screens, parts and more.If you’ve got a trip coming up, rather than wasting a week of your life Projector is an optical device that passes a light through .

The camera lens allows the light to enter into the camera and is typically convex. There are many types of lenses that can be used, each for a different type of photography. There are lenses for close-ups, for sports, for architecture, and for portraits.

The two major features of a lens are focal length and aperture. The focal length determines the magnification of the image, and the aperture controls the light intensity. The f-number on a camera controls the shutter speed. This is the speed at which the shutter, which acts as its “eyelid,” opens and closes. The larger the aperture, the smaller the f-number must be in order to get the shutter opened and closed fully. The time it takes to open and close the shutter is called the exposure. shows an example of two lenses of the same size but with different apertures.
Some cameras have a fixed focus, and only objects of a certain size at a certain distance from the camera will be in focus. Other cameras allow you to manually or automatically adjust the focus. shows a picture taken with a camera with manual focus; this allows the user to determine which objects will be in focus and which will not. The range of distance within which objects appear sharp and clear is called the depth of field.The shutter is what opens and closes to allow light through the aperture. The speed at which it opens and closes is called the f-number. For a larger aperture, the f-number is generally small for a quick shutter speed. For a smaller aperture, the f-number is larger, allowing for a slower shutter speed.

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