10 Indian Dishes to Eat If You Can’t Handle

When it comes to breakfast, most travelers opt to eat at the normally included hotel buffets. It’s a great chance to experience a little bit of each type of dish and decide for yourself what you can handle, but note that in more Westernized establishments they tend to go a little easy on the spice, knowing their clientele. There are three safe options that were fairly standard at every breakfast buffet.The emblematic street food of Sichuan province and a favorite of night markets throughout China, red-hot dan dan noodles are named for the poles that street vendors in the city of Chengdu once used to cart their cooking pots and equipment. Dan dan mian are bowls of fresh wheat noodles and minced preserved vegetables flavored with an incendiary blend of chili oil, Sichuan peppercorns, dark and light soy sauces, rice and black vinegars and fragrant, dark sesame paste. No two cooks make it exactly the same way, but what remains constant are pleasantly chewy noodles and that fiery, red-hot sauce.

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