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The Catholic Pope today is John Paul II, a Polish Jew and a Freemason. Under his papacy all the corruption of the P2 lodges within the Vatican finances and the infiltration of the Masons in all positions of the Catholic hierarchy continues.

As a result of this, we now find the Rockefeller spending vast sums of money on various Catholic schools and projects. Laurence Rockefeller, multimillionaire gave the New Age Catholic Priest Matthew Fox a grant so that he could write the Satanic book The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.Ninty eight Mathew Fox is a Dominican Priest who believes in such things as phallic worship, reverence for “Mother Earth”, and Jungian psycho dynamics.” Fox’s monism teachings are thirty thousand year old Hindu teachings. Other new age Catholics like Kennith Warwick are now spreading the good news of the New Age.The Vatican under John Paul II undertook one of the largest projects in recent history. The Catholic Church with the blessings of the New-World-Order created the Solidarity movement in Poland and by 1986 it was estimated that the Catholic Church had sent over . The purpose of this was all revealed before it happened by a defector from Russia who described in detail how communism had planned to allow Eastern Europe to open up. And how this was all part of a plan for the eventual unification of all Europe and Russia.

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